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Patient Identification System

The Huntington Hospital Laboratory has implemented the Cerner Ridge Positive Patient Identification System. Huntington Hospital is the first site within the North Shore – Long Island Jewish Health System to adopt this technology.

The Cerner Bridge system utilizes hand-held scanners to positively identify patients and upload their respective laboratory test orders; and portable barcode label printers to print barcode labels at the patients’ bedside for the collected specimens.

Use of this technology will improve patient safety by reducing pre-analytic errors including misidentification and mislabeling errors. By performing patient verification and the printing of bar coded labels at the bedside, we will be able to match the correct patient with the correct order at the correct time, and eliminate the potential of placing a wrong label on the specimen.

CheckPoint Temperature Monitoring System

The North Shore-LIJ Core Laboratory is keeping up with technology and looking for an efficient and effective means of recording temperatures, humidity and CO2 measurement in the laboratory by purchasing a wireless temperature monitoring system. This system will eliminate manual data collection process to a real time notification and alert driven solution that can enable improvement in driving down costs in the lab operation.

The goal is to equip each refrigerator, freezer, CO2 incubator, water bath and room with a wireless monitor.  By doing this, they will Eliminate product loss (immediate local and email/text/voice message alerts) Ensure regulatory compliance (CAP, NYSDOH) and Improve staff productivity ( eliminate manual logging and records).

The Checkpoint  system will receive information 24/7  from each equipment  complete with sensor. Data will be saved in a system server and can be accessed by users. Designated individuals on an escalation list will receive an alert if equipment is not within the specified range. Alert will be addressed by the individual and corrective action must be taken; if corrective action is not taken then the alert will be escalated to another individual on the escalation list until the alert is addressed.

We Serve

national guardThe aftermath of Hurricane Sandy yielded wide spread devastation throughout the Tri-State area. Shorelines became depleted while homes were leveled as though no remembrance of life existed. Flood waters rose to historical levels entering subways, buildings and residential areas. The outcome of the storm became visible after the migration of winds and rains left for sea. Communities such as Long Beach Island awoke to manipulated inlets submerged upon cement driveways and hospitals were no longer an identifiable landmark.

As the days post hurricane progressed military units such as the 69th Regiment, Army National Guard were mobilized to serve New York City and Long Island. While environmental threats were developing, the National Guard was preparing and strategizing on mobilization of soldiers.  Some Guardsman employed with North Shore-LIJ had the distinct honor to become activated in search and rescue efforts of Hurricane Sandy.

Cesar Valcarcel is one soldier committed to excellence at North Shore-LIJ and with the 69th Regiment. Recently selected as a security officer, Cesar was called by his command to deploy to critical areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  Semper Paratus is a common phrase utilized within the military meaning, always prepared! The result of Cesar’s training was successfully evacuating 500 patients from Bellevue Hospital ensuring safe patient transport and minimal disruption in care. During 24/7 operations he provided food and water and extracted people from their homes. Cesar remained motivated and was determined to assist those who needed support.  “People felt happy, felt protected not forgotten” as he recalls his interactions with citizens in impacted areas.  All military branches were represented during this natural disaster mirroring the team environment at North Shore-LIJ. Each team member plays a vital role in patient care, safety and placing mission first.  Cesar relies on his Army training for physical and mental preparedness and is confident North Shore-LIJ will offer him the same opportunity.

As Cesar enters into his new position at North Shore-LIJ the integral role he played in response to Hurricane Sandy has “prepared him for patient care and patient safety.” Cesar is enthused about contributing to North Shore-LIJ and serving our patients. Cesar will be able to extend his commitment to the community by performing as a security officer within North Shore-LIJ. Semper Paratus!

If you are like Cesar and are looking for a career that connects your military training to the community, visit us at to search for career opportunities.

Journey Back to the North Shore-LIJ Health System

It is not uncommon for employees of the North Shore-LIJ Health System to be working alongside members of the National Guard or Reserves. In fact, these brave patriots account for 48% of America’s available National Security.

As the largest healthcare provider in the region we are devoted to upholding our commitment to creating a workplace environment whereby Guardsmen and Reserve military personnel can respond without hesitation to National Security requirements whether State or Federal in nature, and know that their jobs are waiting for them when they return home.

North Shore -LIJ extends our commitment upon initial onset of employment. Captain Christian Castro is an Air Force National Guardsmen Officer in leading a Logistics Readiness unit out of McGuire AFB. He is a prime example of someone who experienced the “smooth” process when joining North Shore-LIJ System as the AEHR Project Manager in 2011. Christian accepted his job offer the same day he was provided orders for his seven month deployment. Head tilting yet? He held dual emotions of “concern and being thrilled” because here a great career opportunity was before him, however, he was called to deploy on that very same day. What attracted Christian to North Shore-LIJ were the “great accommodations” provided to the Guard/Reserve candidates and the “opportunities for career progression.” The North Shore-LIJ Health System is praised by the practice of paying employees on military leave the difference between military pay and regular salaries; ensuring deployment does not create economic hardship. By the shared dedication by our IT department, Talent Acquisition and North Shore-LIJ Christian’s position was held for him without question, exemplifying our commitment to our specialized community. For Christian, he was able to pivot his attention to his critical mission at an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia while omitting employment concerns. Christian notified North Shore-LIJ of his return and the on boarding process continued in solidifying his start date of September 19, 2011.

Christian articulates his appreciation for North Shore-LIJ, explaining how for those in the Guard/Reserve role “we have two jobs and live two distinct lifestyles” than our peers. Joining North Shore-LIJ mirrors the military environment of family, integrity and service before self as echoed by Christian’s journey.

One year later, Christian has grown in his role as Project Manager and reflects on the spirited words of our CEO Michael Dowling; “What you have done shapes your future.” This should resonate true for all military serving or who have served, that strive to continually advance their individual career and those who seek meaningful employment within the North Shore –LIJ family, Aim High!

To find out more about our commitment to supporting Military and Veterans and to find the best career opportunity for you, visit us at

Preparing for the ICD-10 Transition

With a deadline set of October 1, 2014 for the implementation of ICD-10 we must look internally at our own organizations and see what is happening around us.  Will anyone truly be prepared? That’s yet to be seen but here at North Shore-LIJ the gears have been in motion for quite some time to make sure we are doing everything we can to stay compliant.

How We Are Preparing our Employees:

North Shore-LIJ has over 43,000 employees many of whom will be affected by the ICD-10 change, it is vital we ensure proper education to those individuals. For over a year we have been in the works with our internal corporate university to make sure we are offering the best training and education to our current employees affected by this and those who will be moving into coder roles.  North Shore-LIJ undertook the task of starting a class to train new ICD-10 coders who have had no prior experience in this field.  This free class brought in almost 600 internal applicants which has allowed many to move into a career changing opportunity.

Success Story:

One of the many success stories coming out of North Shore-LIJ is from one of our newer coders, Corinne W.  Corinne took part in our ICD-9 training program for internal employees and has now secured a full-time role as a coder.  I was able to speak with Corinne and find out what made this opportunity so unique and beneficial.

Q:  What prompted you to apply for the ICD-9 training program?
A:  To be honest I never thought of becoming a medical record coder, I would always see the commercials for them but never thought that it would be something I would be interested in. Then one day I was walking down the hallway and saw a flyer, it stated that CDI was giving a full medical record coding class. That’s when I thought to myself this is an opportunity that I can’t pass up.

Q: How has the transition been to a coder? Is it everything that u thought it would be?
A: The transition into becoming a coder was a scary, but yet an exciting experience at the same time. It took me a while to get this fear out of my head and the moment that I stepped into the medical coding department at LIJ Hospital all that fear disappeared. I am so excited each day to go into work and use the knowledge that I learned from North Shore-LIJ’s coding classes and my co- workers. I feel very lucky and honored to be in the position I am today. I am thankful everyday that I am able to work for a company that was able to teach me a job that I can finally say is a career choice.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the future?
A: After coding for a couple of years and learning everything I need to know, the next step I would like to achieve is becoming a DRG coordinator. I want to be able to help and guide a first time coder the way the DRG coordinators at LIJ helped me. There are so many different opportunities within North Shore-LIJ and I couldn’t have done it without the help and dedication of the staff guiding me down the right career path.


With clear career ladders set in place as well a support system I am excited to watch as Corinne and the others who take part in this opportunity move throughout the ranks of the North Shore-LIJ and become integral parts of the health system.

Put it into Practice – Leadership Transformed

Here at North Shore-LIJ Health System, our business is rapidly expanding to meet the changing needs of today’s healthcare environment. Along with acquiring two new Hospital Facilities, North Shore-LIJ has more than doubled the size of its Physician and Ambulatory Network Services (PAANS), bringing the total number of practices close to 380 in 2012; just three years after the birth of the nation’s now sixth largest network of Physician Practices.

We caught up with the Deborah A., the Director of Finance and Operations Management for PAANS, who recently became a part of the North Shore-LIJ family in November of 2011, to find out why she chose to join the PAANS Leadership Team and how her new experiences have already transformed her career.

Keywords that stood out during our conversation were “teamwork”, “growth”, and “encouragement”. Deborah says that it is the dynamic team environment that makes her get up and want to come to work every day. Partnering with executive leadership on a regular basis provides her the mentorship that motivates her and trickles down to her team of staff, creating a strong collaboration on problem solving and  initiative development to ultimately make things better for themselves, the organization, and of course, the patients and community.

PAANS’ mission is to be recognized as a world class leader in delivery of the highest quality, compassionate and innovative medical care. We stand out in our confident ability to run such a large operation while continuing to experience massive growth. We are the only organization that has such a robust structure but continues to innovate while staying focused on a clear vision and set of goals.  Leaders like Deborah that join PAANS will be given a unique opportunity to shape the future of leadership at North Shore-LIJ. They will be able to gain personally while giving back professionally to the staff that they lead by perpetuating a transparent approach including open communication and synergy amongst all members of the team.

Deborah agrees that a successful leader in PAANS is one that is a strategic thinker and that has the entrepreneurial spirit that will contribute to the growth of the practice network while upholding their mission of excellence.

If you would like to join Deborah and are ready to impact the ongoing success of our expansion plans, visit us at to find out how you can take next step to help transform the care we bring to our community and transform your career.

It’s National Rehabilitation Awareness Week!

September 16-22 is National Rehabilitation Awareness week – a time to educate people about the benefits and impact of rehabilitation and also, to recognize those who impact care for the nearly 50 million Americans with disabilities and help them live to their fullest potential.

In celebration of those who transform rehabilitative care at North Shore-LIJ, we spoke with Marty Castro, Admissions Manager with the North Shore-LIJ Orzac Center for Rehabilitation for the past seven years.

Although Marty does not work directly with rehab patients in the clinical setting, he makes it a point to see each and every patient, get involved with their access to the best quality care and lives the mission of the Orzac Center with every encounter he has.

Read below to find out more about Marty and why he loves his career in Rehabilitation.  Check out what the North Shore-LIJ Orzac Center has to offer and take a look at the careers page to find out how you can transform care with North Shore-LIJ!

One-on-one with Marty Castro, Admissions Manager with North Shore-LIJ Orzac Center for Rehabilitation

What do you do to transform care for patients undergoing rehabilitation at the Orzac Center?

– The admissions department is the “face” of the facility – we’re the first people our patients speak to, and the last impression they have before walking out of the door. We believe in providing true “good customer service 101” and helping our patients feel comfortable and welcome as they undergo their rehabilitative treatment.

What makes the North Shore-LIJ Orzac Center so special?

– What I love about Orzac is that it’s probably the most gentle place I’ve ever worked, meaning that it’s user friendly and everyone here is kind to the patient and their family.  We do everything from the simplest to the most complicated things for our patients and we see to it that we work as a team to get the job done, no matter how difficult.

Why do you love working at North Shore-LIJ?

– I really enjoy my work because of our mission – it’s all patient centered.  There is a zero tolerance for errors, human and or otherwise, and it’s all about the patient’s experience.  I love our mission and I love that each and every employee in our facility lives by that mission, no matter what their job function is, to provide the best patients care possible.


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