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Nurses Who Go to the Moon — Mercy Babu, ER Nurse

Mercy Babu (VC-3)

Read our Q&A with OR Nurse Team Leader Mercy Babu and find out how she would go to the moon and back for her patients.

What is your role at North Shore University Hospital?

I originally started on the psychiatric patient unit in 2002, but have since transferred to the OR. I am currently a team leader in urology.

Why did you choose a career in Nursing, particularly OR?  

Ever since I was in fifth grade, I had a passion for nursing and I knew that one day I wanted to become a nurse. To me, nursing is the art of caring with passion and a healing touch.

The OR is a different world, when compared to the other nursing care units. I chose to work in the OR, because as nurses we wear multiple hats on a daily basis to care for the patient. The OR job requires clinical knowledge, along with technical skills and an understanding of the patients’ needs. It gives me an opportunity to work as a team player, a collaborator, a mentor, a preceptor, a problem-solver, a care agent, and a clinical specialist.

Why did you choose North Shore-LIIJ?

When I came to this country, my nephew was admitted at North Shore and I desired to work here, just from looking at the standard of care being provided. North Shore-LIJ provides the highest standard of care and quality of patient care through highly professional care-providers. North Shore-LIJ provides opportunities for people to grow professionally and encourages continuing education among its employees. This helps us improve our knowledge and provides new skills that promote our patients’ care.

What are some of your favorites?

  • Hobbies: Watching movies, biking, reading, listening to music
  • TV Show: Full House, the Food Network
  • Movie: An Indian movie called “Kal Ho Na Ho”
  • Book: Of Mice and Men

Favorite Patient Memory:

In the OR, we don’t get many opportunities to interact with the patient. The few minutes we get to interact with the patient are precious, because at that time, we try to understand their problems, listen to their concerns, and decrease their anxiety.

From the time the patient comes to the OR, to the time they leave to the recovery room, nurses serve as patient advocates. Holding their hands and staying with them before they go to sleep plays an important role in keeping them calm. When patients wake up and look for you, calling you by name, I feel like I truly made a difference in their lives. This experience gives me great personal satisfaction.

In the OR, right before the patient goes to sleep, we always ask them to pick a beautiful dream so that they can have a peaceful sleep and wake up calmly, rather than being agitated. This particular patient wanted to go to the moon, so I said ‘all of us will go with you too!’ He had his procedure done and I was on break when he went to the recovery room, he was asking for the girl who he went to the moon with. Even though this patient was under anesthesia, he remembered the care we provided.

Join our team! Learn more about nursing opportunities at North Shore-LIJ.

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