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Put it into Practice – Leadership Transformed

Here at North Shore-LIJ Health System, our business is rapidly expanding to meet the changing needs of today’s healthcare environment. Along with acquiring two new Hospital Facilities, North Shore-LIJ has more than doubled the size of its Physician and Ambulatory Network Services (PAANS), bringing the total number of practices close to 380 in 2012; just three years after the birth of the nation’s now sixth largest network of Physician Practices.

We caught up with the Deborah A., the Director of Finance and Operations Management for PAANS, who recently became a part of the North Shore-LIJ family in November of 2011, to find out why she chose to join the PAANS Leadership Team and how her new experiences have already transformed her career.

Keywords that stood out during our conversation were “teamwork”, “growth”, and “encouragement”. Deborah says that it is the dynamic team environment that makes her get up and want to come to work every day. Partnering with executive leadership on a regular basis provides her the mentorship that motivates her and trickles down to her team of staff, creating a strong collaboration on problem solving and  initiative development to ultimately make things better for themselves, the organization, and of course, the patients and community.

PAANS’ mission is to be recognized as a world class leader in delivery of the highest quality, compassionate and innovative medical care. We stand out in our confident ability to run such a large operation while continuing to experience massive growth. We are the only organization that has such a robust structure but continues to innovate while staying focused on a clear vision and set of goals.  Leaders like Deborah that join PAANS will be given a unique opportunity to shape the future of leadership at North Shore-LIJ. They will be able to gain personally while giving back professionally to the staff that they lead by perpetuating a transparent approach including open communication and synergy amongst all members of the team.

Deborah agrees that a successful leader in PAANS is one that is a strategic thinker and that has the entrepreneurial spirit that will contribute to the growth of the practice network while upholding their mission of excellence.

If you would like to join Deborah and are ready to impact the ongoing success of our expansion plans, visit us at to find out how you can take next step to help transform the care we bring to our community and transform your career.

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