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Top Five Reasons to begin a Finance Career in Healthcare

When you think of a hospital or healthcare system, the first types of career opportunities that come to mind are usually clinical in nature. The truth is that many of the positions that are available within a healthcare organization are business and operations focused, and are the same types of opportunities you would find in other industries such as manufacturing or service providers.

Below are the top five reasons why any college graduate with a degree in finance should pursue a career in the healthcare industry and why North Shore-LIJ is the employer of choice.

5. The Healthcare industry is thriving – and not slowing down!

The healthcare industry is one that is constantly growing and adapting to environmental changes and new regulations. This results in the implementation of technological systems, procedures, and a more rigid review of financial reporting metrics. To provide quality patient care while remaining competitive and compliant, organizations rely on their finance team to be the experts behind financial planning, budget, expense, revenue management and accounting functions.

4. Job Security

Healthcare organizations are finding the need to increase their workforce to manage a higher volume of work. This workload could be the direct result of an acquisition of a new facility or the upgrading of systems and equipment. Students who are interested in finance should pursue their ambition, but should consider looking into industries other than finance such as healthcare, which is less vulnerable to layoffs and cutbacks and still offers a competitive salary and unmatched benefits package.

3. Teamwork is a core value

As a successful finance professional in healthcare, you will work together internally within a team and with external managers to guarantee accuracy and integrity of the data that is calculated and to ensure the organization is operating to maximize revenue and efficiency.

2. Community Benefit

A healthcare organization’s ultimate goal is to provide quality patient care and service excellence to its patients and community that it serves. By functioning within the financial operations of an organization with these goals, you can feel a sense of fulfillment that the work you are doing is meaningful to others and you are directly affecting the service that is being granted to the people who need it the most.

1. You can build the career you’ve always wanted.

At NSLIJ we recognize that our employees are our biggest asset. By investing in our employees continued education and development ,we ensure their success while preparing them for the next level in their careers. Job levels and career ladders have been put into place to allow the entry level employees to learn and grow into the next step right where they started. You will have the opportunity to grow your career, professional experience, and personal development all under one roof.

The strength and stability of the industry along with the professional growth opportunities and core values leave new graduates with no question that a career in healthcare can make all the difference to the future that stands before them.

To find out how you can start your successful career in finance at North Shore-LIJ, visit us at

Helping you “Go Back to School”

North Shore-LIJ is committed to providing its employees the resources and information they need not only to function at work, but also in their personal lives.  We understand that your life outside of work can have a great impact on how you transform care in the workplace – whether it is at the bedside, behind a desk, or elsewhere.

That’s why, with the fall season upon us, the North Shore-LIJ Corporate Security and Network Emergency Management staff is providing employees with helpful back to school safety tips to keep in mind this time of year.

While we certainly don’t want to rush what’s left of summer, it’s important to always be prepared!  Keep an eye out for more tips from our various departments in the health system throughout the year.


Helping you save throughout the year

Employees at North Shore-LIJ can also receive special discounts through our many work/life benefits programs year-round.  Go to the North Shore-LIJ Working Advantage discount page and be sure to check out the “back to school” section where employees can save big on backpacks, computers, supplies, shoes, tutoring, and more.

Staten Island University Hospital Hosts the (Rehab) Olympic Games

The closing ceremonies may be over, but a group of patients at Staten Island University Hospital North have brought the excitement of the 2012 Olympic Games right here to the North Shore-LIJ Health System.

Patients and staff from the hospital’s Inpatient and Outpatient Physical Therapy units gathered to compete and to celebrate their recent accomplishments in physical therapy.

About 30 patients lined up on walkers, crutches and canes to make their way down the “Olympic Trail” alongside their therapists, passing along a torch to the finish line.

Linda Spadafina, Assistant Manager for Outpatient Physical Therapy at Staten Island University Hospital North says the main goal of the event – to demonstrate that therapy can be fun.

“We’re always trying to motivate and advocate for our patients and we thought, wouldn’t it be fun to bring the thrill of London right here to our department? It’s wonderful to be part of a health system that allows its staff to engage patients in these unique opportunities.”

The event lasted about a half-hour until the last patient finally lit the Olympic torch.  “If you make therapy fun, it’s more successful,” said Spadafina. “If you think about it, the true Olympians in London are all similar to our patients.  You take an Olympian who spends moments being dedicated to their sport, and that’s what these patients are – dedicated to their sport of recovery.”

Do you want be part of an award-winning team? Transform your career at the North Shore-LIJ Health System.

Transforming Patient Care, Beyond Medicine

Sylvester Wallace is a valued member of our housekeeping staff at Cohen Children’s Medical Center. His job is to ensure patient rooms are sanitary and presentable, and it’s an important part of the patient experience and a high quality of care. But if you ask his colleagues and patients, Sylvester is more than a Housekeeper; something special happens when he goes from room to room.

Sylvester is known by his colleagues and patients for his extraordinary gift of coaxing even the most distraught patients out of bed to walk, eat and play. A colleague remembers a 19-year old fatherless boy who had refused to eat or leave his room. Not only did Sylvester eventually convince the patient to play a game of soccer on the hospital grounds, he also spent his own money making sure the young boy enjoyed a great meal from his own culture. This young man now affectionately refers to Sylvester as “Poppy.”  And sometimes Sylvester’s special brand of healing happens by way of music, and dance. A mother recalls savoring the moment when this incredible housekeeper gently clapped and danced with her toddler, being treated for leukemia. These moments of happiness are part are what Sylvester brings with him to work, every day.

The secret behind how Sylvester is able to affect so many patients in such a positive way? He simply says “I speak to these kids from my heart. I was brought up to help people. That’s what life is all about – helping others.”

We know how incredible these employees are, and how important it is to recognize their contributions to the North Shore-LIJ Health System and to patient care. That’s why we’ve created the President’s Award. “It’s an extraordinarily detailed and competitive process” said Mr. Joseph Cabral, senior vice president and chief human resources officer.  The winner of this prestigious annual award receives an award dinner in their honor, an engraved crystal sculpture, a $10,000 bonus and a vacation for two to the destination of his or her choice. Sylvester Wallace is the first person from our Housekeeping Department to win this award. The President’s Award is just one of the many ways that North Shore-LIJ publicly recognizes and rewards those employees who go above and beyond, every day.

We Have the “Most Wired” Healthcare IT Professionals

The healthcare industry is changing and evolving at lightning fast speeds. Today, Healthcare IT professionals need to keep up with the pace, or risk getting left behind. North Shore University Hospital (NSUH) is one of North Shore-LIJ Health Systems sixteen hospitals and is one of the first within our network to complete the electronic health records’ rollout. In fact, NSUH was recently recognized in the 2012 Most Wired Survey, conducted by the American Hospital Association and published in Hospitals and Health Networks magazine as one of the nation’s best hospitals at using information technology to improve efficiency and quality of care.

“The North Shore-LIJ Health System is poised to take full advantage of information technologies available in the years to come,” said John L. Bosco, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer here at North Shore-LIJ. Becoming a part of the dynamic Information Technology team at North Shore-LIJ gives professionals the opportunity to be among the first in their field to get their hands on the latest technologies in healthcare and become a part of a critical force that is changing the way information is delivered to clinicians and management staff and ultimately improving the quality of care provided to the patients and the community.

Projects currently underway include some of the hottest topics in healthcare today. Preparing to meet Meaningful Use standards, rolling out Electronic Health Records and converting to ICD-10 are just some of the highest priority projects coming out of the Office of the CIO.

North Shore-LIJ is even taking our investment in technology to the next level and implementing systems that will connect the various stages of the revenue cycle across all of North Shore-LIJ’s sites to work smarter and provide a level of unmatched service to the millions patients who walk through our doors.

There is no other employer in New York State that is comprised of a bigger healthcare network and that serves a larger community than North Shore-LIJ. Our team members are gaining experience that no other competitor can offer based on the size and scope of the projects necessary to keep up with the constantly changing healthcare industry and uphold the commitment to evolve while investing in the most cutting edge technology.

To join this dynamic team and transform your career, visit us online at

Zucker-Hillside Hospital Employees Make Music Together

We learn so many things at work –from working with patients and families and learning new skills to continuing our practical and professional development. But would you expect to learn how to play guitar?

Thanks to an innovative program conceived by Executive Director Joe Schulman, that’s exactly what a group of employees at The Zucker-Hillside Hospital (ZHH) have been doing!

Mr. Schulman was looking to find ways to bring groups of employees together to do something fun and a little different.  And of course, he was inspired by music! More specifically, the music of Michael Dwyer, Associate Executive Director of ZHH.

An accomplished musician, Mr. Dwyer happily accepted the challenge of teaching hospital employees how to play the guitar. They decided to open up an eight-week class.  The hospital purchased guitars for the employees to learn and practice with, even at home. The hospital thought that the program would be well-received, but had no idea what a hit it would be!

The invitation was open to all employees, regardless of skill level. In a short amount of time, a group of about seven employees were meeting weekly, working on the basics. The class participants included representatives from Inpatient and Outpatient services, Administration, the residency program, the medical library, and the departments of Social Work and Psych Rehab.

But what Mr. Dwyer really enjoyed was not only seeing his students’ progression, but the weekly discussions the group would have about the history of music and its impact on culture. “It was a real treat to share this with the staff.”

By the end of the eight-week class, students were able to perform a portion of Beethoven’s  “Ode to Joy.” Listen to them perform in this short clip:

While this musical season has ended, The Zucker-Hillside Hospital expects to continue with this program as well as other employee engagement activities associated with the arts.  These plans are designed to encourage a broad cross section of participants, and include the creation of a vocal chorus.

Are you looking for a great job with new learning opportunities, every day? Join our team.

Meet Lori McKee: PICU Assistant Nurse Manager

Interested in PICU Nursing?

We asked Lori McKee, RN, BSN, CCRN,  a PICU Assistant Nurse Manager at Cohen’s Children’s Medical Center some questions about her day-to-day life. Read her answers and “meet” Lori!

How long have you worked at North Shore-LIJ? 

I’ve been here for 21 years and counting!

Why did you choose a career in pediatrics/PICU at North Shore-LIJ? 

I chose to work at CCMC (previously Schneider’s) when I graduated from Molloy College. I wanted to work in a specialized children’s hospital and so applied to North Shore-LIJ. I began my journey in nursing as a PICU staff RN in 1991. I remained as a staff RN for 20 years until I accepted a position in the PICU as an Assistant Nurse Manager. Working with critically ill children and their families has challenged me continuously as an RN over the years. The support I receive from my coworkers is inexplicable. Everyone is very supportive and everlasting friendships created.

And the personal gratification of being an RN in the PICU has continued for 21 years.

What is the best part of your day? 

Making a difference in the life of a child

Do you have a favorite patient memory?

A child who gave me a Christmas ornament that said I was his angel.

Tell us a little bit about your free time? What are some of your favorites?

Hobbies: bike riding, reading, watching my sons play baseball

TV Shows: Modern Family, Two Broke Girls, Mike and Molly, Criminal Minds

Movies: Rocky I, II, III, IV, Dirty Dancing

Books: Kite Runner

Authors: Jodi Picoult, Elin Hildebrand

Thanks Lori! If you are interested in a Nursing Career with North Shore-LIJ and make the difference in the life of a child and their family? Join our team.


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